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Jacklon products care for people

Professionalism and protocols to ensure quality

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Quality ISO 9001 2008

Jacklon is dedicated to personal care through the high quality of its products for the body. Competence during the production phase is ensured by the certifications the company has earned from the year 2000 to date, which validate the manufacturing procedures it employs.

The quality process begins with the development of new formulas, followed by verification of chemical-physical and microbiological stability. It continues with the drafting of a risk assessment report, confirmed by patch tests and “in vitro” trials. The quality process continues with the selection and validation of suppliers of raw materials, subjected to rigorous controls before stocking. After an initial internal screening on semi-finished products, external testing is conducted by accredited ACCREDIA laboratories: microbiological examinations conducted batch by batch to ensure high levels of safety for the consumer.
As of May 2003, the company earned ISO quality certification 9001. At the end of 2014, the Jacklon Quality system was certified as compliant with ISO 22716:2007 standards (cosmetics GMP). In the near future, the company will avail itself of IFS HPC, which guarantees even closer and more detailed controls on all its corporate activities.

Jacklon professionalism and constant updating are the guarantors of our quality.

Quality control