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Intimate hygiene: how to take care.

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Written on Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Intimate hygiene: how to take care

Daily intimate hygiene is essential for the health of our body. It’s very important to choose a correct intimate cleanser, according to the age and different type of PH skin.

Remember to avoid liquid soaps or body wash, and only water is not enough.


Intimate cleanser is suggested for both women and men; intimate area is a delicate area and, if neglected, it can be subjected to infection, irritations and bad smell.

For your daily routine use Jkare intimate cleansers: MALLOW&CHAMOMILE for a mild sensation and MARIGOLD for a soothing sensation; they can be use by all the family and respect the physiological pH of the skin.

Take it even under the shower!

Products dermatologically tested and for daily use.